Renowned Chef Gets Schooled On Flavor By Farmer

Sustainable food is supposed to be better for our health and for the environment. It's even supposed to taste better. But sometimes the truth isn't quite so simple. Sometimes "sustainable" food isn't actually that sustainable. And sometimes your "sustainable" fish tastes like chicken because, well, we are what we eat. Dan Barber, one of the best chefs in the United States, explains it all below. See 14:47 for the kicker.

Renowned Chef Gets Schooled On Flavor By Farmer
via Gage Skidmore/Flickr and Terry Morgan/Flickr

Senator Ted Cruz and a kangaroo.

Conservative media in the United States has painted Australia as a state on the brink of authoritarianism due to strict COVID-19 protections in some parts of the country. These news outlets appear to be using the country as an example of what can happen in America if liberal politicians go unchecked.

Fox News' Tucker Carlson ran a story on Australia earlier this month claiming the country "looks a lot like China did at the beginning of the pandemic." He ended it by saying that "what's happening in Australia might be instructive to us in the United States" and that things can "change very quickly" and become "dystopian and autocratic."

Carlson provides zero reasons why Americans should be fearful of becoming an autocratic country due to COVID-19, beyond the idea that "things can change very quickly" so his appeals sound a lot more like fear-mongering than genuine concern.

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