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Daniel Mintz


Here's An F-Word That's Hurting A Lot More Kids Than The F-Word

The f-word in question can be found on the left side of the below infographic, near the big 65% statistic. It's right next to a pretty hurtftul d-word that also needs to go.

With so many states now allowing gay marriage, it's easy to feel like LGBT folks are well on their way to being treated equally. But the reality is, for most LGBT kids, life can be pretty terrible, especially at a place they're required to attend.

I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that middle- and high-schoolers can be pretty intolerant, but even so, some of these statistics are pretty shocking.


Too Bad There's A Minimum Wage. Because This Wall Street Guy's Advice Is Worth $0/Hour.

Right now, the minimum wage is at its lowest real value since 1968. Working 40 hours/week for $7.25/hour earns you just $15,000. Imagine living on that. Seriously, just imagine it. Despite all that, Samantha Bee gives both sides of the debate a fair hearing as to whether we should raise the minimum wage, or … lower it? Wait, what? Just wait 'till you hear the argument for that. Yikes.


Hear The Moment This Audience In Boston Found Out JFK Had Been Shot.

President Kennedy was a transformational leader, and it's hard to imagine what it felt like to hear of his assassination 50 years ago today. Kennedy was shot as the Boston Symphony Orchestra was about to begin its regular Friday afternoon concert. When word of his death reached the hall a few minutes later, the audience was already seated, oblivious to the world-changing events happening in Dallas.In a powerful — and stunningly level-headed — decision, the orchestra's music director, Erich Leinsdorf, sent librarian William Shisler to get the music for the funeral march from Beethoven's "Eroica" symphony. Shisler quickly distributed the music onstage, letting the musicians know what had happened.This recording, from WGBH in Boston, begins when Leinsdorf takes the stage to announce the terrible news to the audience and captures the BSO's heart-rending performance of the Beethoven symphony — a work they found out they were playing only minutes before.


Did This Congressman Just Imply What I Think He Did About Boy Fetuses?

You didn't imagine it. At 0:47, Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) really suggests that we should ban abortion after 15 weeks because fetuses can feel pleasure as evidenced by ... yeah ... ya know.