Pretty Much A No-Brainer. So Why Do So Many People WITH Brains Forget To Add This To Their Videos?

It's one of the quickest ways to help many, many more people to see, like, comment on, and share. #WithCaptions.

Upworthy started adding transcripts to our videos a long time ago, and we've received a lot of positive feedback about that. But there's another way that content creators — those who make videos — can make it easy, too. Quite simply: captions.

Try reading captions on YouTube videos when they haven't been edited by the makers of the video (basically, when YouTube's computer tries to, umm, "read" what's being said). The results are often ... comical at best.

What does that mean for folks with hearing problems trying to understand what's going on in the clip? It means millions are missing out at a time when, if anything, the Internet needs to be more inclusive, not less. YouTube has made it really easy for content creators to do this, so how about we get them to start using it, y'all?

Let's do it #WithCaptions.

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