Hilarious Texas diner owner's sign pokes fun at customers who still refuse to wear a mask

Hilarious Texas diner owner's sign pokes fun at customers who still refuse to wear a mask
via WFAA / YouTube

One of the things about the pandemic we'll always remember are the people who got caught on camera completely losing it because they had to wear a mask inside of a supermarket or restaurant.

These are the people who were given the opportunity to be either part of the problem or the solution to the global pandemic and they often unapologetically chose the former.

While some of these incidents result in ugly confrontations, a business owner in North Texas is having a little fun with the anti-maskers that frequent his restaurant. He's posted a sign notifying them, upfront, that they will be charged if they don't comply with his mark rule.

via WFAA / YouTube

Legends diner owner Wayne LaCombe says that he charges "$50 if I have to explain why masks are mandatory" and "$75 if I have to hear why you disagree."

The tongue-in-cheek sign has been getting a lot of attention at his restaurant and online. "People laughing taking pictures of it," LaCombe said. "Mostly great reactions."

The fact that the sign has been generating mostly positive responses is comforting because earlier this month Texas governor Greg Abbott lifted the state's mask mandate, leaving many to fear a massive COVID-19 outbreak.

'Mask surcharge': Business owners' sign gains attentionwww.youtube.com

But, as a private business owner, LaCombe is allowed to create his own rules for his restaurant, so he hasn't changed his mask policy. One of the main reasons why is that his clientele is older and more likely to be seriously affected by the virus.

"Our business is 50, 60, 70, 80-year-olds," Wayne LaCombe said. "Unless we all work as a team, we're not going to finish the race." He asks his customers to wear a mask for his safety, too.

"I just can't afford to get the virus. We'd have to shut our business down," LaCombe said.

One customer had an issue with a restaurant owner telling him what to do about his health. So LaCombe's wife, Kat, the co-owner and chef at the restaurant, had to take him to school on Facebook.

Kat is a retired RN with 28 years in oncology.

"I do have a Medical degree. 28 years as a Registered Nurse, specializing in Oncology. Also 5 years teaching nursing," she wrote. "With my background in healthcare I feel that we are doing the right thing. At the restaurant we comply with city and state mandates. But some things must be done without someone telling you to."

"I with my husband try to protect and respect the people who come to our restaurant," she added. "The sign was a sort of joke....it was aimed at the people who feel the need to try to argue (and of course they're not wearing masks at the time). No one wants this world to get back to normal more than small business owners."

In the end, we're all just trying to get back to normal, and hopefully, found some crumbs of joy along the way. Good for the LaCombes for sticking up for what's right and protecting the health of themselves and others at a time when many around them are not. Also, that sign is one of the funniest things to come out of this dark time.

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