Listen to Demi Lovato's speech about mental illness.

I can't stand the way the media treats young celebrities who have lost their way. We all get lost sometimes. Demi Lovato shows there's another way. And it's awesome and brave and great.


This tough-as-nails Disney star has famously battled mental illness and addiction. But instead of (understandably) dealing with it privately, she has done the complete opposite.

As of March 2015, Demi Lovato has been sober for over three years, and she has allowed us to see her journey.

There's no telling how many young people are hearing her message because of her openness.

Her message about loving your body despite it not being the body of a Barbie Doll...

Her stigma-free message about caring for your mental health...

And (this one's my favorite) her flipping a big ol' bird to the idea that you need to be perfect.

She's become an outspoken advocate for comprehensive care and compassion for those suffering.

Frankly, Demi Lovato tells the Truth We Need to Hear.

Those are just a COUPLE of quotes from her speech at the National Alliance on Mental Illness. I've included the whole speech below.

You'll go from "Who's this mom introducing Demi and why do I love her so???" to "Wow, real talk, this feels true and important" to full-on "DEMI IS MY QUEEN" in under 12 minutes.

I did.