Just When A Problem Like Child Slavery Seems So Big We Don't Know What To Do, A 9-Year-Old Shows Us

Sometimes the awful problems in the world seem so big, we wonder how we could possibly help. Well, there are people to remind us that we really do matter. In this case, it's an elementary school child with a big heart. "#standwithme" is a wonderful documentary that shows us the sad and widespread reality of human slavery. It's a story about a 9-year-old girl who wanted to help kids, so she found a way. And it doesn't leave you feeling hopeless about the enormity of the problem. You'll walk away knowing something you can do to help (and it's pretty simple).

"#standwithme" is premiering in select cities around the United States. If your city isn't listed, you could host a local screening. Want to help spread the word? Hit the Facebook and Twitter buttons below to share!