That ... was a sorely needed laugh.

After a week of outcry, threats of boycotts, actual boycotts, and just general "WTF dude" statements from people across the political spectrum, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence finally signed an amendment to his state's "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" on April 2, which made it an eensy weensy bit more difficult for businesses to claim a religious exemption in court for denying service to gays and lesbians.

But it's still not enough. Not even close.

Only 21 states explicitly prohibit businesses from discriminating against gay and lesbian workers when it comes to hiring and firing. And only 18 of those states extend those protections to gender identity as well.

Not only is Indiana not one of them, but that's less than half the states. Much less than half.

If your state is not one of them, write your legislators and governor! Call your legislators and governor!

Or better yet, let's elect legislators and governors who support such protections in the first place.

It's 2015, folks! Let's get on it, already.

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