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Jack Black hilariously almost forgot to thank his wife during his first ever Emmy speech

The moment it hits him is comedy gold.

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Jack Black won his first Emmy on Dec 17, 2023

If there were an award for “Most Entertaining Personality On and Offscreen,” Jack Black surely would have won it many times over. The man can turn any moment into pure spun comedic gold of epic proportions. Whether he’s playing iconic video game characters or doing an improvised interpretive dance at home, the man knows how to bring a smile to people’s faces.

Case and point: the “Jumanji” star’s endlessly enthusiastic acceptance speech for his first ever Emmy award.

The actor and musician won the coveted Children and Family Emmy Award for his voice performance in “Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight,” a spin-off series in the ultra popular animated franchise.

Fittingly, Black was every bit as animated while accepting the award.

Immediately upon entering the stage, Black struck a classic “Kung Fu Panda” pose while singing the series theme song.

After admitting “I’m really nervous and stoked to be here,” he then offered heartfelt thanks to several co-creators of the film and series co-creators, saying that his character Po has “been the role of a lifetime.”

It’s then that Black realized he forgot someone on his thank-you list. Someone very important. His wife.

“Oh my god I’m glad I looked at it,” he exclaimed after checking his phone. “The main person, my wife Tanya Haden. Hell yeah -- dude, If I didn’t look I would have been that guy!”

“The true dragon warrior, Tanya Haden. I love you baby, this is for you,” he concluded as held his Emmy up high. Phew, no dog house for him.

It’s crazy to think that Black has been playing his “Kung Fu Panda” role for two decades. He first brought the character to life in 2008 (I had only been out of highschool for a year, holy cow).

Since then, he’s voiced Po in two more “Kung Fu Panda” films, along with the televisions series, “The Paws of Destiny,” “The Dragon Knight” and the short films: “Secrets of the Furious Five,” “Secrets of the Masters,” “Secrets of the Scroll” and “Kung Fu Panda Holiday.”

Black will also be the voice of Po for the upcoming “Kung Fu Panda 4.” Hiyah!

What isn’t surprising is that Black could win yet another award for his voice performance. This time, it'll be a possible Golden Globe for best original song: "Peaches" in "The Super Mario Bros. Movie."

If he wins it, that acceptance speech is sure to be every bit as delightful. and surely he'll remember to thank his wife next time.

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