It's Cute That They Thought We Wouldn't Notice Them Trying To Rip Us Off

The cable companies "dispatched" a market research guy, John Wooley, to figure out how to make more money off of you. By the end of his research, he had a crisis of confidence. Stick around if you want to learn the truth about what the Internet companies want to do to us. At 23:12, I learn a seriously not cool thing that many of America's children have to deal with.

While John Wooley is fake, the things that the big ISPs are shilling are actually real. If you want to make sure they never get around to having their way, you could Like The Internet Must Go on Facebook, and you could share this.

UPDATE 1/14/14: So ... a court just ruled that Internet companies can go right ahead and rip us off. All the really bad stuff in this video that we posted earlier this year? It's about to come true unless we make a lot of noise about it right now. Let's hope your Internet connection is still fast enough to watch and share this right now.

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