If You Are 32 Or Younger, You Have Something We've Not Seen In This Country At All. Ready?

America has never seen a voting bloc this large. Get ready to change the world, y'all. It's about time you were in charge.

Millennials are all the people who were born between 1982 and 2002.

12,000 Americans turn 18 every day.

The millennial generation is the largest in our country's history — bigger than even the baby boomers.

The millennial generation is also the most diverse — 43% are people of color, and 66,000 American Latinos turn 18 every month.

90% of American youth are online, with over 60% connected to the Internet while away from home.

Millennials have the potential to be the largest voting bloc in our country but are voting at low rates, with an estimated 30 million young people staying home in 2012.

WTF?! You mean we literally have the power to change the world but we are not doing it?

We have the power to change every. single. thing. about this country and all we have to do is vote for people who represent us.

If you're not registered, that's OK! Click here to take care of that lickety-split.