If A Monster Murdered Your Child, Would You Be Able To Handle It As Compassionately As This Man Did?

Hector Black's daughter Patricia suffered like no human ever should at the hands of a truly heartless criminal. On the day of her murderer's sentencing, Hector did something he never thought he could do: He forgave.Trigger warning: He briefly describes the crime, which involves sexual violence and murder.

The death penalty is the most costly form of punishment we can muster in this country. Millions of taxpayer dollars go to the court process, and more than 140 people since 1973 have been exonerated after being convicted on false evidence — which means some people were killed who may have been innocent.

Those who are guilty, in my mind, would be far better off living the rest of their natural lives in a place where all they could do was think about what they did. The death penalty lets them off easy, and it isn't really justice. It just numbs the pain that haunts victims' families. It never gives them their loved ones back.

If you think the death penalty isn't really the answer, you could share this. Up to you.