Here's How Everyone Everywhere Reacted To The Vice Presidential Debate

Jim Lehrer watched at home. Allllllll alone. Except for one special friend...

While Martha Raddatz was busy being the Best. Moderator. Ever.

Paul Ryan didn't quite know what to say.

Mitt Romney is probably all like...

And that made Obama feel like...

It's safe to say Joe Biden can't wait to show up at the office tomorrow.

And Republicans would probably rather not talk about it.

And the Democrats can barely contain their excitement.

We hope YOUR night was as fun as ours here at Upworthy. Because this = us.

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Suni Lee, 18, a Team USA member from Minnesota, became the Olympic all-around gymnastics champion on Thursday night.

"It feels super crazy, I definitely didn't think I'd be here in this moment with the gold medal," Lee said after her win. "I'm just super proud of myself for making it here because there was a point in time when I wanted to quit."

Lee may be proud of herself, but she is just as excited to share the victory with the Hmong community and her father. Lee is the first Hmong American athlete to ever compete in the Olympics and the first Asian American to win the gold in the Olympics' all-around competition.

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