Jessica Jaffe


What If The People We Send To War Got To Choose Which Wars To Fight?

What happens when civilians don't have a connection to the wars their countries fight in? Nothing good.


Why Aren't There Any Students At The Electoral College?

Did you know you didn't vote for president on Tuesday? No, really. You didn't.


New Poll: Women Are Biased Toward Thinking They Aren't Equal

In our real poll of actual swing-state voters, we found that 42 percent of people think women actually already have equal rights. (So stop the fussing, ladies!) But that's not all.

Less than half of men think there's gender discrimination. Almost two-thirds of women think there is.

When we asked people if they'd vote for Oprah Winfrey or Clint Eastwood for president (Yes, we asked that.), two-thirds of Eastwood voters thought women had equal rights.

That's right. Most people who'd vote for a man even after he debated a chair don't think gender discrimination exists.

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TAKE THE POLL: Don't Let Swing-State Voters Have All The Fun

Jealous that we didn't call for your opinion in our Upworthy original poll? Of course you are. But you don't have to feel left out: You can take the poll, too! After you take it, check out what 930 swing-state voters said.