Here Is The Most Thoughtful And Well-Reasoned Debate On Religion You’ll Ever See

They may not be famous actors or comedians, but these three experts on religion know what they’re talking about. All have degrees in this field and have written multiple books on the subject. Among other things, they take on: (8:20) What is the relationship between religion and history? (12:15) Is it fair to criticize a religion by looking at its most fanatical practitioners? (21:50) Isaac Newton studied the book of Revelation even as he invented calculus. (29:40) Should religious texts be rejected because they are based on moral norms that are thousands of years old? (35:25) Can we blame sociopolitical problems and disasters on religion? (46:15) Is radical Islam a widespread issue? (1:04:40) The relationship between religion and conflict in the Middle East. (1:10:40) Should folks who reject evolution be barred from certain fields or jobs? (1:19:50) Does the experience of religious transcendence validate religion? (1:22:00) What should we do about religious fundamentalism?

The Ben Affleck-Bill Maher shouting match went viral, garnering well over 3 million views, even though that was a "debate" in which neither is even remotely knowledgeable about religion. If you think we should instead make thoughtful conversations between experts go viral, then give this debate a share.