Here Are Just Some Of The People Living With An Extra Chromosome. And Rocking It.

Here are some pictures of people being people — successful people at that. Whatever they define as success, they're doing it. Even if it's simply being happy.

About one baby in 700 is born with Down syndrome. It is a genetic disorder caused by an extra chromosome 21 (or part of one). It can cause conditions such as physical growth delays, characteristic facial features, and sometimes mild-to-moderate intellectual disability — but each person with Down syndrome is unique and may possess some characteristics or none.

It used to mean an early death, but advances in medicine mean people with it can live to 60 or even older.

Some folks with Down syndrome are educated in typical school classes, and others need specialized education to meet their needs. Here are just a few of the people you might see out and about in our society who have Down syndrome.

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