Groom reveals the strange, sweet reason his bride's engagement ring has a tiny 'rock' in it

Justin Fox shared the surprise significance of the ring during his vows and had everyone laughing—and swooning.

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Justin Fox revealed the significance of his bride's unique ring feature during his wedding vows.

When Justin Fox gave his bride, Raven, her engagement ring, she noticed it had an odd feature. Sitting under a glittering array of diamonds, just under the head of the ring, was a tiny white rock—or what appeared to be a rock—where it looked like a diamond should be.

Raven asked Fox if it was a mistake, and he said, "No, that's the way it's supposed to be." He told her that one day he would explain the significance of that little rock.

That "one day" turned out to be their wedding day, smack dab in the middle of their vows in front of all their friends and family. And the meaning of the "rock"? Well, that turned out to be one of the oddest but sweetest engagement ring stories ever.

In a video that has gotten over 4 million views on TikTok, Fox shared how—and why—his bride's ring has the surprise feature.

As Fox explains, it all started when the couple went hiking together and Fox jumped over a waterfall. Raven followed him, but she didn't quite make it across as smoothly as he did.

"Not even close," said Fox. Raven fell flat on her face on the rocky embankment—we're talking total, legs-in-the-air-scorpion-style faceplant.

"I just remember thinking that 'this girl has literally fallen for me,'" Fox quips. "She is literally head over heels in love. There is no place on Earth that I could go where she won't follow, where she won't be by my side."

But the next part of the story is where it gets really good. Watch Fox's "wedding vows remix" in which he reveals where the "little rock" in her engagement ring came from.


It's the long awaited follow-up video! Including a look at her wedding ring AND footage of her famous "leap of faith"! @GetRippedWithRaven @Smitha Lee #fyp #foryoupage #viral #funny #wedding

People in the comments went nuts over both the unique love story and the groom's genuinely thoughtful and funny approach to his wedding vows.

"THIS IS HOW YOU DO WEDDING VOWS," wrote Arielle Lillian.

"Her chipped tooth inside the ring is SO FUNNY and so significant to yalls story. So thoughtful!" shared Jasmine Rene.

"If his vows ain't like this I don't want him," wrote NCsquared.

"This is how you tastefully roast your partner in vows," wrote Lol.

People also shared that they love the way he talked about her and her personality and what he loves about her, not just what she does for him.

Best wedding vows ever? Perhaps. But one thing's for certain—Raven is guaranteed that her ring is truly one-of-a-kind.


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