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People think everyone should experience these things 'at least once in their lifetime'

Things like seeing an eclipse and having a true best friend make life worth living.

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Here are some things everyone should experience once in their lifetime

If there’s one thing human beings all have in common, it’s our shared impermanence. No matter our race, gender, social class, wealth status, health regimen, moral code, political leaning, or any other divisive element, we all get one life. One life to hopefully fill with as many memorable, soul nourishing, expansive experiences as possible.

But let’s face it, there are more experiences available that there are days and hours in which to do them. Therefore, we have to use discernment. So, which experiences are truly must-haves in our all-too-limited time on this planet?

The answers to this question are undoubtedly personal, but perhaps some things, just like the inevitable exit of mortal coil, are universal.

According to a recent discussion on Ask Reddit, here are things one must absolutely “experience at least once in their lifetime”:

"Living Alone"

living alone

Living alone doesn't have to be lonely.

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“People should know how it feels to live alone. Go out to eat alone. Do things alone. Not depend on others for your happiness but find it alone. It is a true under valued life skill,” one person wrote.

Others chimed in:

“I agree. I've lived alone like 3 times as an adult, and while I prefer companionship, being alone can be nice too. Everything is always where you put it. The place is a mess? My fault. The place looks good and is comfortable? My fault.”

“After a while the silence becomes a beautiful reprieve from the world. I used to hate being alone and now I love silence and only being responsible for myself.”

“Being comforted without having to ask for it.”

once in a lifetime experience

We all deserve comfort.

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This one inspired two to share their own touching stories unexpected comfort in a time of need:

“Our newborn went to ICU straight after birth, long story, but he was teetering on life and death. What should've been a joyous occasion turned out to be the most emotionally painful experience of my life.”

“The barista in the hospital coffee shop saw that I wasn't doing well, and made a note on my coffee saying ‘you'll make it.’ Writing this brings me to tears 2 years later, but he was right.”

“A best friend who sees you through thick and thin.”

bestie, best friends, making friends

This is your reminder to hug your bestie today

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Oy, this one. Romantic partnerships are absolutely wonderful, but platonic friendships are just as important. Many would agree that they’re more important than relationships. And while making friendships as an adult can get a little challenging, the immense benefits these bonds bestow onto our lives make it worth the effort.

One person shared, “I consider my wife my best friend, and it's true…That being said, there is a part of me that will always feel a little hollow: I have no pure friendships…I've always had an easy time meeting people and even starting new friendships but God am I poor at keeping it going. Now that I'm older it's a real regret of mine and I envy those with tight knit friends.”

“I’m glad you and your wife have such a strong friendship connection! But yes pure friendships are special too, and hard to maintain,” another responded. “I’m lucky that I met my best friend of 22 years in kindergarten and we’re still incredibly close. I’ll be her maid of honor in her wedding🥲I’ll be forever grateful of the space she’s given me to grow and change throughout our lives and stuck by me the whole time.”

"A deep bond with an animal."


The best thing about being human is being human with an animal

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This comment says it all:

“Nothing like it. It truly blows my mind how much my dogs love my wife and I. Were their whole world. Anytime I hear of someone having to put their animal down. I can’t help but get choked up and sad for them.The worst part about the whole thing is them not being able to truly understand in words what they mean to you.”

“See a solar eclipse”

solar eclipse 2024

Definitely go see, but look look at it directly!

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Luckily, the next opportunity for this is coming up on April 8th! Especially for those who live in Texas, Illinois, New York, Arkansas, Ohio, Maine and some parts of Michigan and Tennessee

“A soul crushing customer service job”

customer service jobs

Not the most fun one, but still a valuable experience

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“Not because it builds character, but because it’ll foster a sense of empathy for and camaraderie with people who serve you when you’re the customer.”

Yes. That.

“Walking the beach at night. Ocean breeze and crashing waves are life changing.”

“Showering with a shaved head.”

“Skydiving! It's so freeing and amazing.”

“Waking up next to their partner and being overcome with love and emotion for them. Watching them sleep for a few moments and then going back to sleep.”

And of course, everyone needs to go to the Grand Canyon. Or at least some national park. There are so many gorgeous, otherworldly ones to choose from.

grand canyon

Nature is always a valuable experience.

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Interesting enough, someone previously posted this question to Reddit, and got an entirely different set of answers. Again, goes to show that everyone is bound to have a different view on this, based on their own lifetime of experiences.

Which brings up the most important question of all:

What do you want to experience in your lifetime?

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