Everything You Wanted To Know About The Red Bull Space Jump (And A Few Things That You Didn't)

That FelixBaumgartner 128,000-foot jump from the edge of space was almost, literally, outof this world. With all the risks involved, Felix must have been out of hismind. But I think it’s great that one man’s bravery hasreignited our interest in space. Take that, Mars Rover!

This infographic was (optimistically) put together before the record-breaking jump so the numbers are not quite exact. Still, a guy went skydiving from space. That. Just. HAPPENED.

Find out how a record-breaking supersonic sky dive from space works, in this SPACE.com infographic.

Cool story, bro. But look at everything that could have gone wrong:

  • Colliding shockwaves that explode a human body moving at supersonic speed
  • Low-pressure environment causing flat spin (which did happen) that could knock him out and cause brain damage (jury’s still out – kidding!)
  • Vacuum exposure boiling his blood
  • Decompression sickness (“the bends”)
  • Extreme cold
  • Extreme heat
  • Ultraviolet radiation 100 times as strong at 120,000 feet
  • Accidental deployment of parachute

So, kids, next time you want to jump from the edge of space … just don’t.  You make me nervous.

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