You say “devastating forest fires and drought,” we say “nature’sgreatest campfire!” Brought to you by the Climate Change Tourism Board. Booknow and avoid the rush! #Vacation2050

You say “inhospitable desert,” we say “beach paradise!”

You say “deadly hurricanes,” we say “storm chaser’s wonderland!”

You say “flooding that’s killed all plant life,” we say “leave thoseallergy pills at home!”

You say “unnatural weather patterns,” we say “epic sledding, bro!”

You say “extreme drought,” we say “goodbye, rainy days!”

You say “barren, uninhabitable wasteland,” we say “peaceful getawayfrom hectic city life!”

You say “severe and unpredictable weather patterns,” we say“world-class light show!”

You say “dust storms,” we say “get that wind-swept look — for free!”

You say “second ice age,” we say “off-season prices — all year round!”

You say “life-threatening drought,” we say “who needs a roof when itnever rains?!”

You say “rising sea levels,” we say “urban snorkeling!” Brought to youby the Climate Change Tourism Board. Book now and avoid the rush! #Vacation2050