Check Out 12 Amusing Images Of What Travel To Major Destinations In 2050 Might Be Like

You say “devastating forest fires and drought,” we say “nature’sgreatest campfire!” Brought to you by the Climate Change Tourism Board. Booknow and avoid the rush! #Vacation2050

You say “inhospitable desert,” we say “beach paradise!”

You say “deadly hurricanes,” we say “storm chaser’s wonderland!”

You say “flooding that’s killed all plant life,” we say “leave thoseallergy pills at home!”

You say “unnatural weather patterns,” we say “epic sledding, bro!”

You say “extreme drought,” we say “goodbye, rainy days!”

You say “barren, uninhabitable wasteland,” we say “peaceful getawayfrom hectic city life!”

You say “severe and unpredictable weather patterns,” we say“world-class light show!”

You say “dust storms,” we say “get that wind-swept look — for free!”

You say “second ice age,” we say “off-season prices — all year round!”

You say “life-threatening drought,” we say “who needs a roof when itnever rains?!”

You say “rising sea levels,” we say “urban snorkeling!” Brought to youby the Climate Change Tourism Board. Book now and avoid the rush! #Vacation2050


When a pet is admitted to a shelter it can be a traumatizing experience. Many are afraid of their new surroundings and are far from comfortable showing off their unique personalities. The problem is that's when many of them have their photos taken to appear in online searches.

Chewy, the pet retailer who has dedicated themselves to supporting shelters and rescues throughout the country, recognized the important work of a couple in Tampa, FL who have been taking professional photos of shelter pets to help get them adopted.

"If it's a photo of a scared animal, most people, subconsciously or even consciously, are going to skip over it," pet photographer Adam Goldberg says. "They can't visualize that dog in their home."

Adam realized the importance of quality shelter photos while working as a social media specialist for the Humane Society of Broward County in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

"The photos were taken top-down so you couldn't see the size of the pet, and the flash would create these red eyes," he recalls. "Sometimes [volunteers] would shoot the photos through the chain-link fences."

That's why Adam and his wife, Mary, have spent much of their free time over the past five years photographing over 1,200 shelter animals to show off their unique personalities to potential adoptive families. The Goldbergs' wonderful work was recently profiled by Chewy in the video above entitled, "A Day in the Life of a Shelter Pet Photographer."

Vanna White appeared on "The Price Is Right" in 1980.

Vanna White has been a household name in the United States for decades, which is kind of hilarious when you consider how she gained her fame and fortune. Since 1982, the former model and actress has made millions walking back and forth turning letters (and later simply touching them—yay technology) on the game show "Wheel of Fortune."

That's it. Walking back and forth in a pretty evening gown, flipping letters and clapping for contestants. More on that job in a minute…

As a member of Gen X, television game shows like "Wheel of Fortune" and "The Price is Right" send me straight back to my childhood. Watching this clip from 1980 of Vanna White competing on "The Price is Right" two years before she started turning letters on "Wheel of Fortune" is like stepping into a time machine. Bob Barker's voice, the theme music, the sound effects—I swear I'm home from school sick, lying on the ugly flowered couch with my mom checking my forehead and bringing me Tang.

This video has it all: the early '80s hairstyles, a fresh-faced Vanna White and Bob Barker's casual sexism that would never in a million years fly today.

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