Bill Nye told Rutgers grads about climate change, but I loved his bits of life advice the most.

Bill Nye did what he does best: laid down the truth about climate change and made a few jokes.

Bill Nye delivered the 2015 commencement speech at Rutgers University on May 17 and it was just as awesome as you'd hope.

Image from video by Mikeisreallyneat.

He talked a lot about climate change, as you might expect.

Not only is he Bill Nye "the Science Guy," he's also Mr. Positive. He has confidence that the current graduates can take on climate change — and triumph.

And he touched on racism.

You can enjoy a more nuanced explanation of his thoughts on the nature of race here.

But perhaps some of the best parts were Bill Nye's words of life wisdom.

The kind of advice we should always keep in the backs of our minds, like this:

And this:

Plus, there were good reminders, about the the importance of common sense:

Good stuff, right? You can listen to the whole speech here. (Sorry about the shaky video. We'll embed a more stable version as soon as one becomes available.)