Jack is a 17-year-old high schooler.

He's just like any other kid his age...

He goes to class, does his homework assignments, and sometimes gets picked up by his mom.

...except for what he does after school.

'Cause what Jack is up to after school is anything but normal. See, he's a 17-year-old cancer researcher.

Inspired by the death of a close family friend and armed with eighth-grade biology, Jack set out years ago to change cancer diagnostics. And he's had quite a great start: In 2012, Jack won Intel's Gordon E. Moore Award (with a $75,000 prize) for his innovative and accurate cancer diagnostic test strip.

It's not always easy, but Jack doesn't let his mistakes get him down.

Pretty cool attitude to have, right?

To hear more of Jack's story, check out the video below.

Whoa, wait a second, is Jack actually saving lives?

Not yet, of course, but the things he's accomplished are pretty impressive regardless of his age. Jack's been criticized by people who say that his diagnostic test strip isn't as accurate or well-tested as he claims. But what do I say? We've all gotta start somewhere. I'm psyched to see what this kid's gonna do next.

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