A Typhoon Hit His Country — Now Hear His Tearful Plea To The World

Yeb Sano doesn't know if his family is safe or whether his friends have eaten in days. But he knew they needed a voice to the world, so he stood up at a global climate meeting and told the world about the reality of destruction Typhoon Haiyan has caused in the Philippines.Beneath his honest and heartbreaking account is a call for drastic action to be taken. Isn't it time?

One point worth highlighting: "In solidarity with my countrymen who are struggling to find food back home, I will now commence a voluntary fasting for the climate. This means I will voluntarily refrain from eating food during this [conference] until a meaningful outcome is in sight. What my country is going through as a result of this extreme climate event is madness — the climate crisis is madness. We can stop this madness right here in Warsaw."
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