A straight reporter says, 'I'd be offended by you if I were gay.' This actor's response? Epic.

Jordan Gavaris plays flamboyant and fantastic homosexual Felix Dawkins in "Orphan Black," and he's one of the more "stereotypically gay" characters on TV today. I can only imagine Jordan gets asked this question about Felix all the time, but what a great answer he gives.

Tell em, Jordan!

This is definitely something I've been thinking about. We have all sorts of straight characters on TV: married, single, feminine, masculine, old and young, and for gay men it's usually men aged 25-40, white, feminine but not too much, and usually in a long term relationship.

It's just so true. Watch Jordan in action here:

As a gay who dates online, I often come across the term "straight-acting" in reference to what the guy I'm looking at wants in a partner or how he acts himself. What that term implies, to me at least, is "acceptable to be seen with." In my opinion, that's pretty twisted thinking.

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