A Question All Couples Should Talk About Before They Get In Too Deep

When you think about the top questions people ask when they're in a serious relationship, this may not be one of them.

But vlogger Cristen Conger of "Stuff Mom Never Told You" thinks that it should be.

And the more she talks about this controversial topic, the more she has a point.

When they get serious in a relationship, most people... about each other's goals about commitment about marriage and whether or not it's for them.

A lot of people talk about religion.

They talk about putting down roots and maybe even buying property somewhere.

Or maybe being nomads and traveling a bit.

But the one thing that most couples who are getting serious often talk about is starting a family.

So, that's what brings us to this question.

It's a really important one.

Cristen says the question alone makes her sweat...

...and break into hives.

Do most couples talk about abortion?

Do they know where each other stands?

And should a man in a relationship with a woman have a say when it comes to that?

She gets straight to it at 1:34.