A News Anchor Draws Comparisons That Make The Story In Ferguson Seem Even More Shocking

The conversation below puts the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, in a broader context. What we see from that 30,000-foot view is just ... ugh. You'll see.

In black communities, "to protect and serve" often feels more like "to threaten and subdue." Law enforcement in the U.S. should be just that — enforcement. What happened to Mike Brown went way beyond that, and it was not an isolated incident.

Policing needs to be less about militarization and more about community relations. And the racial discrimination that creates situations like the one in Ferguson has to stop.

Dangerous as it may be, we're going to have to keep fighting for it, because the only other choice is to reject what we all know to be right. I'll close with a tweet of hope from Phil Agnew of the Dream Defenders:

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