A Football Team Is Taking Their Towels Off To Show Men How To Check For Cancer

It's one of the most curable cancers, and all you have to do is catch it early.

A Football Team Is Taking Their Towels Off To Show Men How To Check For Cancer

Big disclaimer here:

If you scroll down, you're going to see men completely naked from the waist down teaching us how to check for testicular cancer. Yeah, I know, it's a bit shocking, but let's normalize this a little bit because learning to check for cancer is super important. It saves lives, and testicular cancer is not something we often talk about.

Ready? Cause this is NSFW (which means not safe for work in case you were wondering).

In fact, I'm going to put a cat GIF here. That way you can go back now if you don't want to see the testicles of football players. However, the information they are sharing is good information to know.

OK, Are you ready? Because here we go in 3 ... 2 ...1 ...

If you have testicles, then you are at risk for testicular cancer. It has no real face; it can affect any man with testicles.

If you catch it early, it's got a super-high cure rate. Also, it's easy to spot.

All you have to do is check once a month. Maybe in the shower?

Maybe a quick squeeze while watching TV on the couch.

Hey, as long as your hands are in your pockets, you could check then.

It's up to you; just do it. To learn how, you can watch the video below. (And if I didn't warn you enough yet: From 0:42 to 2:19, from 3:05 to 3:20, and again around 3:45, you will see these men checking their testicles for cancer ... so that you will also know how to check your testicles for cancer.)

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