2,000 were killed. Hundreds are missing. But we stay quiet.

When we hear about the number of people harmed in a particular tragedy, it may seem sad, but often it doesn't really register.

When we hear that 2,000 people were killed, we don't automatically feel like 2,000 of our friends' lives were stolen. Or when we read that 217 school girls are still missing in Nigeria, we don't think of the 217 mothers that have cried for almost a year since they disappeared.

We don't personalize tragedies on the news because they don't feel real to us.

But for one woman, the murders and escalating terrorism in Nigeria is very personal.

It's her father's land, but it is also a place that many people have benefitted from and continue to call home.

She knows that the longer we all stay quiet, the longer terrorists like Boko Haram can wreak havoc on innocent mothers, brothers, fathers, sisters, and friends.

Understanding what's happening in Nigeria is important because eventually it could affect us all. It could be any one of us.

She offers these words not with the intention of pointing fingers but to spark action and awareness.

Check out Ms. Sade's spoken-word performance of "Does Anybody Care About Nigeria?" in the video below.

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