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  • At 1:37 her science lab sounds pretty fabulous.
  • At 2:36 this is all your fault, really.
  • At 3:06 you might wonder why you weren't allowed to study this in school.
  • At 3:55 you will not expect her to go here.
  • At 7:15 find out what our reaction to gossip says about us as a society.
  • At 8:50 you might actually feel bad for Kristen Stewart.
  • At 9:30 you'll find a new reason to hate "Two And A Half Men."
  • At 10:50 it's time for some real talk.
  • At 11:53 why are we so obsessed with this kind of gossip in particular?
  • At 13:35 it's time for some very real talk about Chris Brown and Rihanna.
  • At 15:00 being a society that does this is definitely more embarrassing than being a person who enjoys celebrity gossip.
  • At 15:32 is John Travolta gay? Does it matter?
  • At 16:54 she asks one of the most important questions you'll hear all week.
  • At 18:16 I joined her crusade for gossip. Did you?

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