WARNING: This Type Of Dancing Can Lead To Severe Empowerment And A Strong Connection With Others

Alana Karsch

Valentine's Day is usually reserved for chocolates and those (really gross) candy hearts that say things like "Call Me." (Seriously though. Are they just straight up made of chalk?) However, the past couple of years have been a little different. Eve Ensler, who penned "The Vagina Monologues," has started a movement to end violence against women. And when I say "movement," I really mean movement! People all over the world are getting together to dance and demand justice for survivors of violence.

The moves are really easy, I swear. The song is called "Break the Chain," and the instructions are underneath the video. This video shows some of last year's gatherings, and they are spectacular.

Forget the cheesy greeting cards. Let's spread a message that really matters.

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