If What They're Saying Sounds Radical To You, It's Exactly Why Their Words Exist

The pressures and judgments placed on women to look or act a certain way in society are so frigging exhausting, it can feel impossible to keep up. But why should we women even want to? These ladies took their own path, and it looks pretty dang empowering. The best part? There's only one thing required, and we definitely all already have it.

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This is my body. I do what I want with it.

This is my body. I make my own decisions.

This is my body. I use it as a canvas. Tattoo it. Decorate it. Pierce it.

I take medicine if I want to and only undergo medical procedures I choose.

I eat what I want, exercise for my health or wear what I like.

I fall in love with whomever, sleep with whomever, and marry whomever I choose.

I decide when and how I become a mother.

This is my body, not yours.

These decisions have nothing to do with you. If I'm not hurting you or stopping you from pursuing your inherent right to happiness, it's none of your business. This is my body, not yours.

Almost one in eight women in the United States will have breast cancer, the most invasive form of cancer for women worldwide.

If I am black or white, rich or poor, gay or straight, single or married, formally educated or not, I have the right to be screened for this killer of women, whether I go to my doctor or I rely on the services of clinics like those run by planned parenthood and your desire to stop the funding of abortions has nothing to do with my right to defend myself against cancer.

This is my body, not yours

If I choose to have sex, I have the right to birth control and to be spared your demeaning insults that you'd never want leveled against your daughter or mother. My pursuit of orgasm is neither unnatural nor dangerous nor scary nor an infringement of your religious liberty. My sexual activity exist for my benefit, not your pleasure. And it's never my fault if you rape me. I am done being excluded from decisions about my sexual and reproductive health. This is my body, not yours.

I determine who and what goes into my vagina and when. I make all decisions regarding my pregnancy. I will access prenatal care whether or not you agree with the choices made as a result of that care. I have the right to an abortion without facing intimidation, harassment, burdensome parental consent laws, or prejudicial taxes. If I decide to have an abortion, I will not undergo unnecessary, invasive medical procedures for the purposes of your moralizing and personal edification. I'm entitled to all health information from my doctor. And allowing myself to be penetrated once does not assume your right to do it again for your own purposes and your own reasons. This is my body, not yours.

It is time to accept that I am fully aware, capable, and accountable for myself.

I don't need a hero and I don't need saving because I'm not in distress. I'm not defined by my need of a man or a partner, though I have the right to be made happy by one, in a safe and supportive relationship.

I'm not defined by my hair, my weight, my eye color, my make up, my bra size, my skin color.

I am not here to be your sexual toy. I will not be quiet. I will not wait my turn. I will not heed you. I know my physical and mental strength and I do not fear you.

I'm beautiful, despite what you think, with or without your approval. This is my body, not yours.

This is my body. I'm through with legislators telling me what to do with it. This is my body. Keep your salacious, sexist, aggressive insults to yourself. I'm not listening. This is my body. I have the right to marry whomever I choose, woman or man. To equal pay.

To health care.

To education.

To divorce.

To safety.

To protection under the law.

To respect and dignity.

To complete equality.

This is my body. It's not yours.

Do not be afraid of a world in which women know themselves, their voice, and their power. That world has arrived.

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"This Is My Body" is a brilliant message created by Jason Stefaniak and Siobhan O'Loughlin. It's a few years old, but they're still up to major awesomeness on Facebook! Check 'em out.


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