Homosexuality Is An Annoying Thing Someone Invented, So This Group Of Americans Is Un-Inventing It

Lori White Curator:

I'm a fan of any term that helps us see each other as humans and not as labels.

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Narrator: Major funding for Injunuity was provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Female: Gay and lesbian, bisexual, transgender; it feels like they're all boxes and categories that you have to fit into and they can't change. When I learned about being Two Spirit it felt more natural to me. It felt like it acknowledged more than the surface of somebody's identity. I feel like it encompasses also a way of carrying yourself in the world.

Female: What was working before colonization is this practice of passing on of stories that allowed for people to learn about each other, to appreciate each other and to live in a way that everyone felt like they were safe and belonged.

Male: For me personally, I wasn't "loud and proud." I was very subdued about it. I never really came out until I left into the city, but when I came back, you know, I'm okay with myself. At one point gay and lesbians were revered in Navajo culture. It's just that the influence of Christianity really skewed that view of homosexuality. It's a sacredness.

Male: Growing up here in Bay Area, I saw other LGBTQ kids and I couldn't relate to them. Or I wanted to relate to them, but I didn't know how. But, when I started going to Native boarding schools and I saw Two Spirits, I was like, "Yeah, OK, I get it now. That's my place." So, I started to come out. I didn't know that I could be an athlete. I didn't know that I could be an intellectual. I didn't know that I could embrace all the good things that I knew about me. So, my confidence level, it just started to, it started to peak.

Female: Young people who are just exploring who they are, I want you to remember that there are some tribes out there who didn't even call you a specific gender until you decided what that is. I want you to know that you're empowered and that anything that you may go through, you can overcome. You have the strength and that you're valuable and you belong here.

Narrator: For more information about Injunuity and more ITVS programs, visit ITVS at itvs.org. Major funding for Injunuity was provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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I found this great video from the hilarious and amazingly named web series Injunuity. For more on the "two-spirit" term, here's a great article from The Guardian and some great Wikipedia moments.

Apr 10, 2014

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