A Safe Sex Ad That’s Trying To Get Men To Act Right. Doesn’t Look That Hard.

It may be kind of difficult to live up to the standards this guy has set, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try.

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Narrator:  Good men know how to love and (bleep) at the same time. Good men aren't deterred by feeling, or by the sweet, sweet smell of things that smell good. Good men aren't frightened by a healthy lifestyle, filled with anti-oxidants, organic vegetables, and biodegradable, low-carbon-footprint, recycled materials. Good men aren't takers, they're givers. To keep giving and giving, they need to have the right tools. Not these tools, or these tools. "I wanna go home!" These tools. Good men aren't intimidated by cleanliness, or thoughtfulness. They would never put harmful additives inside a woman's body. Good men know sex isn't about conquering women; it's about always making it worth her while. Good men give a (bleep), so you should too.

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This original ad, made by L., is for their Earth-friendly, additive-free condoms. For every one that is sold, the company will donate one to a person in a developing country.


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