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ORIGINAL: By, well, we don't know who this mother is. Do you? If so, let me know. Found on the NO H8 Campaign Facebook page, but it was originally posted on the Have A Gay Day Facebook page.

Update 09/05/2013: Thanks to the lovely Facebook friend who let me know that the young boy the letter is addressed to is Zach Gibson, who replied to the NO H8 Campaign's post on its Facebook page. Read his reply!

Update 09/06/2013: Zach's mother, Michelle Conway McClain, emailed me to tell me why she wrote the letter:

I'm the mother who wrote the note to my son when he came out as bisexual that was shared by No H8 Campaign. I knew I wouldn't see Zach before I left work that morning, so I didn't want him to start his day without knowing I support him 100%, even though I was sure he already knew. I posted the note on my Facebook page knowing my friends and family would think it was typical of me to end with a joke since Zach and I share the same sarcastic wit. I had no idea it would become such a huge sensation on the internet. Zach has been absolutely overwhelmed with all of the support he has received. People keep telling me that I'm an amazing mother, but it's easy to be when I have such an amazing son.

Thank you!



Zach and Michelle let us know that they support Growing American Youth, an organization that supports LGBTQ kids. If you were touched by her letter, maybe you can support the organization, too.

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