5 Myths About Mental Illness Debunked. 10 Bucks Says You Believe #2.

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Despite how common it is, mental illness is quite misunderstood. These five are surprisingly common, and for people with mental illness, they are additional obstacles to overcome in order to live productive lives. See if you've fallen for any of these.

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Sam: Hey, guys, what's up? Today, we're going to learn five myths about mental illness. I have my trusty sidekick, Fact Check Sam right here to make sure that I don't make any mistakes during this video.

All right, myth number one, Children don't experience mental illness, it's just bad parenting. Just like adults that have mental illness, these health conditions are a combination of many factors like biological, social, and psychological.

Fact Check Sam: You're good so far, so...

Sam: How do you even know? You're not looking any of this up.

Fact Check Sam: It's all in my mind, Tank Man. Right up here, got it all.

Sam: Well, you seem pretty useless to me so...

Fact Check Sam: You keep that up, I'm just going to leave.

Sam: OK, then leave.

Fact Check Sam: Fine, call my bluff. I got nothing else going on. The news doesn't start for another hour, so I can just sit here.

Sam: Myth number two, stress causes mental illness.

Fact Check Sam: I bet that's a myth! I bet that one, I know it is actually, I am pretty 100%...

Sam: It's called "Five Myths..."

Fact Check Sam: OK!

Sam: "About Mental Illness." Of course, it's a myth.

Fact Check Sam: Geez, all right.

Sam: They're all myths.

Fact Check Sam: OK, fine. Sorry, I'll be quiet.

Sam: OK, thank...

Fact Check Sam: I won't hear a peep out of this sheep.

Sam: Are you going to stop now?

Fact Check Sam: No, I will... No, absolutely not.

Sam: Seriously.

Fact Check Sam: OK, fine. Jeez, someone's crabby today.

Sam: OK, thank you. OK, stress can't cause mental illness, but it can cause an episode in people with depression or anxiety, but long-lasting symptoms are more biological in nature.

Myth number three, people with mental illness are violent and unpredictable.

Fact Check Sam: Inside out...

Sam: Not a good time to be singing. Like really?

Fact Check Sam: OK, fine. I'll stop.

Sam: Not good. Stop singing.

Fact Check Sam: Well...

Sam: It's not a good song to sing during this time--

Fact Check Sam: Well, it is [inaudible]. That's debatable.

Sam: And it's not being sung well...

Fact Check Sam: OK, that's mean.

Sam: I'm not trying to be mean, but I'm just...

Fact Check Sam: Well, you did... It did hurt a little bit. So, thanks.

Sam: Stop please. In fact, only 3 to 5% of violent crimes are committed by someone with a mental illness.

Fact Check Sam: A, B, C...

Sam Not... Don't sing any more. Just stop.

Fact Check Sam: OK, fine. I'm going to with the dart.

Sam: Like... Yeah, not that song either. It's not a good one.

Fact Check Sam: OK, you don't even know what I was going to sing. It's a classic.

Sam: It's not a classic.

Fact Check Sam: It is a classic. You didn't know how would it get.

Sam: It's not a classic, definitely not.

Fact Check Sam: You didn't know where I was going to go with that one.

Sam: Just stop singing.

Fact Check Sam: OK, fine.

Sam: Just sit there.

Fact Check Sam: It's so boring over here though.

Same: All right, myth number four, people with mental health problems can't handle the stress of having a job. What do you think fact checker?

Fact Check Sam: I'm going with false.

Sam: People with mental health issues are just as productive as people without them. They're just as hardworking and motivated as anybody else.

Myth number five, personality weakness or character flaws cause mental illness.

Fact Check Sam: [buzzer noise]

Sam: Inappropriate sound for this particular time, but he is correct.

Fact Check Sam: Yay! Woo! I win.

Sam: Mental illness has nothing to do with being lazy or weak. There are many factors that contribute to it. There's biological factors like genes and brain chemistry. There's life experiences like trauma or history of abuse. There's a lot of things that contribute to this. All right, those are the five myths about mental illness. Anything else to say, Fact Checker?

Fact Check Sam: I'd like to thank everybody for, you know, being there and, you know, this...

Sam: All right, you've already gone too long, so I'm going to wrap it up now. All right guys, thanks for sharing this video. If you share it, it would be awesome. Also, like and comment. Any mental health issues or myths that you know that you'd like to share, comment below. Also, donate on this screen by clicking, "Donate Here." And thanks a lot guys, I hope you enjoyed the video. I will see you next time. Don't forget, you can talk to me on Twitter if you'd like @SamKirkegaard. The links are on the description. You guys are awesome. You're great people. I'll see you next time. Bye! Anything else to close us out, Fact Checker?

Fact Check Sam: Mmm bop bop, mmm bop...

Sam: OK, that's how we're going to close out. See you guys. Like seriously, like what is that? Like who does something like...

Fact Check Sam: Are you recording me?

Sam: Yes, I am recording you.

Fact Check Sam: Come on, man.

Sam: This is ridiculous.

Fact Check Sam: Dude, where're you going?

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This video by Sam Kirkegaard is the fifth in his series "31 Videos for Mental Health."

Aug 08, 2014

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