You Should Watch This Strange Man Rub A Stick Of Butter On A Tree. For A Really Good Reason.

Enbridge, a Canadian energy company with a long, awful track record when it comes to caring about people and the places they live, is trying to build another pipeline. So they made a commercial. A really dumb commercial that has nothing to do with the facts on the ground. So another group decided to call them out in the most delicious way possible.

Here's the original ridiculous ad:

And here's the delicious response:

If you'd like to know about their horrific track record, click here and here. If you'd like everyone else to know, you could totally share this. Learn more about the butter pipeline here.

CLARIFICATION: The original version of this post stated that Enbridge was planning to build a pipeline in the U.S. Enbridge does have U.S. pipelines, but the one in question in this video would be entirely in Canada.

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