Why do small dogs live longer than large ones? Here's a simple scientific explanation.

Dogs aren't like the rest of the animal kingdom.

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A Chihuahua and a Great Dane

A basic rule throughout nature is that larger animals tend to live longer than smaller ones. Elephants saunter into their sixties and whales can cruise the ocean for centuries, whereas mice live about a year or two and the common house fly won’t make it past a month.

The major reasons for the discrepancy are slower metabolisms and reduced risks from predators. However, there is a disconnect when it comes to man’s best friend. On average, smaller dogs tend to outlive larger ones.

For instance, petite Chihuahuas can live up to 15 years, outliving their significantly larger counterparts, Great Danes, by a solid 8 years. What’s to account for the huge difference in lifespan?

Dogs diverge from the rest of the animal kingdom regarding longevity primarily because of how they mature as puppies.

According to Discover Magazine, larger breeds suffer from more physical ailments when they age because they expend more of their early resources for growth instead of maintaining their bodies. This can lead to more damage on the cellular level that doesn’t manifest until the dog has reached adulthood. This lowers a larger dog's defenses against cancer while also raising the possibility of DNA replication damage that can lead to cancer at a later age.

To put it simply: Larger dogs grow up fast, which leads to a faster decline.

"There's a body of robust theory in evolutionary biology—what we call 'life history theory' – about the way animals allocate their resources to different functions," evolutionary biologist Professor Mark Elgar of the University of Melbourne's School of Biosciences told Phys.org. "The bottom line is, there is no free lunch.”

"We conclude that large dogs die young mainly because they age quickly," Elgar says.

It appears that all that wear and tear on a large breed dog’s body as they rapidly grow can harm its health in the long run. A group of undergraduate students from Colgate University in New York found that as puppies, large breed dogs have significantly more free radicals in their cells, which can lead to damage that has long-lasting effects.

Free radicals steal parts from other molecules, which causes damage and can lead to aging and disease.

Being a dog lover is bittersweet because you know that you and your furry friend will have to say goodbye one day. I guess that’s what makes the time together so special. Your time together is finite, so it’s best to enjoy it together while you can.

The good news is that, as pet owners, if we take good care of our dogs, they can have the best chance of living a long and happy life. The American Kennel Club offers this list of tips to promote your dog’s longevity and quality of life:

  • Feeding a healthy diet
  • Helping maintain a healthy weight
  • Encouraging breed- and age-appropriate physical and mental exercise
  • Taking our dogs for annual veterinary checkups and vaccinations
  • Providing preventive dental care
  • Administering heartworm, flea and tick preventatives
  • Keeping them safe from accidents
  • Giving love and affection


This organization is revolutionizing food supply chains to minimize waste

Spoiler Alert pairs CPG manufacturers with discount retailers to keep food out of landfills

Members of the Spoiler Alert team volunteer at Waltham Fields Community Farm in Waltham, MA

Nearly 120 billion pounds of food go to waste in the U.S. each year. This waste not only contributes to food insecurity, which millions of Americans are impacted by, but also has a detrimental impact on our climate. In large part, this comes down to a misallocation of resources.

We need to bridge the gap between food waste, the planet, and those in need. By doing so, we can drive sustainable food systems and get food to those who need it most. In fact, Project Drawdown has found that reducing food waste is the number one most impactful solution to climate change.

The foundations of Spoiler Alert were laid during my time at MIT Sloan in 2013 when I met my soon-to-be co-founder Emily Malina. With my consulting experience with brands and retailers on carbon, water, energy and waste initiatives and Emily’s background in supply chain transformation and technology adoption, we knew there was a supply chain solution that could help businesses better manage their food waste. That’s when we started Spoiler Alert.

Ricky Ashenfelter & Emily Malina, Co-founders of Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert is a B2B waste prevention software that helps CPG brands better manage excess and short dated inventory. This inventory arises from various sources, whether that’s overproduction, unsuccessful innovations, seasonal items, or promotional packaging.

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The most common thought is that we are conditioned to go to the bathroom in the presence of running water, whether from a toilet or a faucet. So, much like Pavlov’s dogs salivated after hearing a bell, we are conditioned to need to use the restroom when we hear running water.

An alternative theory is that humans evolved to pee in running water because it was more hygienic than peeing on the ground. The running water carried the urine away from the communal living space, preventing the spread of diseases such as polio or norovirus. Finally, some think that the sound of running water makes us want to pee because it’s relaxing and facilitates the activity of the “parasympathetic nervous system,” which relaxes the bladder.

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Even though it’s 2023 and schools are much more concerned with protecting children from bullying than in the past, parents still have to be aware that kids will be kids, and having a child with a funny name is bound to cause them trouble.

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(Note: We’re assuming that the person who wrote the post is a woman because their husband is interested in perpetuating the family name, and if it were a same-sex relationship, a husband probably wouldn’t automatically make that assumption.)

"My husband’s last name is Butt. Can someone please help me illuminate to him why this last name is less than ideal,” she asked the forum. “I totally get we can’t shield kids from everything and I understand the whole family ties thing, but c'mon. Am I being unreasonable by suggesting our future kid either take my name, a hybrid, or a new one altogether?"

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After struggling to keep his head above water, Griffin sank to the bottom of the pool.

"I saw him, and I just knew that he wasn't OK," Noah Roche, 12, said. "I saw him at the bottom of the pool, and then I didn't know if he was just playing down there or something. So I just told Weston to get in and dive down to see if he's OK."

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James Barlow shares his story on TikTok.

A dad is sharing his first encounter with a transgender woman in his small Texas town, and the simple lesson he taught his son is inspiring hope in others.

James Eric Barlow (oddragon226 on TikTok) shared a video from his car describing how he and his son saw a trans woman in real life for the first time. "We all know that there's people that are disgusted whenever they see a trans person," Barlow begins. "And we all know of the people who don't care if they see a trans person.

"But apparently, we're a third type of person (or at least I am, I can't speak for him)," he says, indicating his son in the backseat who chimes in with "I am, too!"

Barlow then goes on to explain how they had just had their first experience with a trans woman. It wasn't anything major—she just walked through a door behind them and Barlow held the door for her, just as he would any other person. He didn't even notice she was trans at first, but once he did, his immediate reaction was one we can all learn from.

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This amazing personal growth app teaches you key ideas from bestselling books in minutes

Start your free trial today, and see how Blinkist provides curated learning for the 21st Century

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In today's fast-paced, information-driven world, it feels like we're constantly running a marathon with knowledge. As we juggle careers, personal growth, and a multitude of responsibilities, the 21st-century lifestyle barely leaves us any room to breathe, let alone read and learn at our own pace. We all crave wisdom, insights, and a means to quench our intellectual curiosity, but the clock relentlessly ticks away, reminding us of our limitations. It's a universal problem — we have the will to learn but not the time. Fortunately, Blinkist is here to help.

A better you—15 min at a time
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This innovative app is a game-changer in how we consume knowledge. Imagine being able to distill the essence of a dense, insightful nonfiction book into a digestible 15-minute session. With Blinkist, you're no longer racing against the clock; instead, you're making every minute count in your pursuit of knowledge. Whether you're a bustling executive, a busy parent, or simply someone who loves to learn, Blinkist is here to redefine your learning journey.

The Blinkist Revolution

The concept behind Blinkist's concept is brilliant yet simple. This powerhouse app condenses the wisdom from over 6,500 nonfiction books and podcasts, distilling them into bite-sized summaries that you can consume in just about 15 minutes. Whether you're on your morning commute, taking a lunch break, or winding down before bed, Blinkist slides effortlessly into your schedule. Its genius lies not only in its brevity but also in its flexibility — you have the choice to read or listen to the summaries, catering to your convenience and learning style. Blinkist empowers you to take control of your time, allowing you to get the best out of each day and each book.

Now, let's delve a bit deeper into the magic of Blinkist, the core concept — "Key Ideas in Minutes." Think about it. An entire book, hours of reading or listening, pared down into the most important insights that can be grasped in under a quarter of an hour. It's an innovative approach that respects time while fueling intellectual curiosity. And it's not just about books. Blinkist has branched out into "Shortcasts," partnering with podcast creators to bring you the crux of podcast episodes in a fraction of the original time. So, whether you're into books or podcasts, Blinkist has you covered, proving that learning doesn't have to be laborious — it can be efficient, fun, and incredibly rewarding.

The Power of Curated Learning

Behind the scenes at Blinkist, there's a meticulous process in action that ensures every 'blink' you get is a gem of knowledge. The journey from a full-length book or podcast to a bite-sized summary is one that's carried out with great care and precision. A team of passionate readers, writers, and editors choose the most influential nonfiction works, whether they're time-honored classics or the latest buzz-worthy releases. These works are then painstakingly distilled, not by machines, but by human professionals who know how to preserve the heart and soul of the content. This way, every blink you read or listen to is like a mini-masterclass in a particular subject, delivering you the distilled wisdom in a coherent, meaningful package.

What does this curated learning mean for you? In essence, it's about saving time without compromising on the quality of your education. You get to explore a wide range of subjects, from personal development and business strategy to science and philosophy, all while trusting that the information you're consuming is significant and well-summarized. This process allows you to diversify your knowledge, stay updated on the most recent thinking, and make informed choices about what to delve into next. It's learning that’s efficient, engaging, and entirely suited to your needs.

Real-World Impact

Blinkist isn't just a theoretical game-changer. It genuinely transforms lives. Countless members have praised the app for revolutionizing their learning habits and sparking positive change in their lives.

Blinkist's internal studies reveal impressive measurable results. A whopping 95% of Blinkist members report reading significantly more than before, while 91% say they have cultivated better habits. Moreover, 87% claim that Blinkist has directly facilitated positive changes in their lives. These figures are a testament to Blinkist's influence as a tool for lifelong learning and personal development. It's not just about reading more or learning faster but about genuinely absorbing knowledge and applying it in meaningful ways — that's the Blinkist difference.

Personal Growth

Blinkist is not just a tool for learning; it's a comprehensive platform for personal growth. Blinkist caters to every aspect of your life with its wide array of topics. Whether you're seeking success in your career, striving for health and fitness, working on your happiness, or even trying to be a better parent, Blinkist has got you covered. The beauty of Blinkist is that it allows you to learn from experts and pioneers in these fields, gleaning their wisdom and applying it to your life. With every 'blink,' you take another step toward your best self.

Moreover, Blinkist is built to slide seamlessly into your daily routine. Whether you're commuting, taking a quick break from housework, or simply winding down after a long day, Blinkist is there to turn these slices of time into opportunities for learning and growth. It's not just about making learning easy; it's about making it a natural, enjoyable part of your life. With Blinkist, every moment is a chance to grow, evolve, and maximize your potential.

What Experts Are Saying

Blinkist's innovation hasn't gone unnoticed. The app's contribution to Learning and Education has been honored with a United Nations World Summit Award, attesting to its transformative potential in global education. On top of that, its exquisite user interface has been recognized with a Google Material Design Award, while being named among Apple’s Best Apps of 2017 further adds to its accolades. These awards and recognitions are not just feathers in Blinkist's cap; they're affirmations of its value as a trusted, cutting-edge platform for learning in the 21st century.

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A better you—15 min at a time
Start your free trial of Blinkist

In terms of affordability, Blinkist delivers incredible value. For only $8.34 a month, you gain unlimited access to a vast library of curated knowledge that spans thousands of nonfiction books and podcasts. This investment isn't just about the volume of content you receive but about the transformation you experience — in your reading habits, learning methods, productivity, and life as a whole. So, whether you're a lifelong learner or looking to get more out of your free time, Blinkist offers an incredible return on investment.

Now, it's your turn to step into the future of learning. With a free trial at your fingertips, the vast world of Blinkist awaits you. It's a treasure trove of knowledge and insights, ready to infuse your everyday moments with enriching learning experiences. Take advantage of this chance to redefine how you learn.

Investing in Blinkist is more than just subscribing to a service — it's about investing in yourself, your growth, and your potential. It's a commitment to becoming more knowledgeable, more curious, and ultimately, your best self. So, why wait? Begin your journey with Blinkist today and unlock the power of learning like never before.