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When You See This Dog Run For The First Time, You'll Realize The Future Is Here

3D printers are really cool for a whole lotta reasons. Here's yet another.

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Meet Derby.

Derby is a happy, playful dog who's just like any other happy, playful dog. But Derby was born without functioning front legs. And sometimes that got in his way. Because like other happy, playful dogs, Derby loves to run.

He needed a home.

Derby didn't have a family. :( Tara had already adopted a dog through a rescue group when she saw Derby's photo. He pulled at her heartstrings — I mean, how could you look at that sweet face and not want to take him home?! — so she agreed to foster him.

He also needed to run.

Tara knew that Derby needed to be able to move and play, so she got a cart for him. It worked well, but he couldn't play with other dogs, and it limited his ability to run.

But what if there was something better?

Fortunately for Derby, Tara works at a 3D technology company. They decided to make a set of prosthetic legs for Derby.

Derby got super-awesome prosthetics.

Tara and her co-workers designed and actually printed new legs for Derby. They created prosthetics in a different shape than the usual "running man" style so they wouldn't dig into the ground when Derby ran. And guess what? He loves them!

Science and technology for the win!

Derby, who was adopted, keeps his new family on their feet. He runs a few miles a day — faster than both of his new parents. Science and technology are amazing. First prosthetic limbs for humans, now prosthetic limbs for dogs. I can't wait to see what's next!