When People Get Weird About Feminism, Just Show Them These Drawings

Sit down for a sec. This cool lady blogger made something for you.

Feminists have some explaining to do.

The word "feminism" still gets misunderstood way too much.

It makes some people imagine this sorta thing:

When others think of it more as this:

So what's the deal?

Introducing: Katherine Fritz. She thought a lot about what the f-word means today. It prompted her to open up Microsoft Paint (Oh, heck yes, MS PAINT) on her computer, pick up that epic paintbrush tool, and go to town on her thoughts.

Here she goes! Follow along (if you know what's good for you):

*raises hand*

Maybe you raise your hand too. Maybe you don't. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯

I'm glad she shared her thoughts with us.

Let's hug it out.

Baby steps to a better world.

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