When her daughter came out, she was underwhelmed. It's hysterical. And pretty great.

Every coming-out story is different, but this one is next-level hilarious. If only every parent could be this cool.

Oh how I love this video. Let me count the ways.

  1. Mom suspects her daughter is gay but waits for her to come out instead of pressuring her.
  2. When her daughter finally does come out of the closet, she responds with "Oh you made an announcement? Thanks. It wasn't locked."
  3. The pink bathrobe. #Queen

Sure, this video is hilarious, but it's also a great reminder for straight folks (like myself) of how to support our LGBTQ friends and family members.

Coming out can be extremely tough. People are allowed to take their time.

Here's the thing. Everyone's coming-out story is different, and that's totally OK! Some people throw parties, some make YouTube videos, some write letters or even songs. Some people tell only a few friends, others choose not to share at all. It's important to remember that people need the space to make choices about what they do and don't disclose about their sexuality when they feel it's right.

Finding the courage to share your story can be tough, so next time someone you care about shares a bit of themselves with you, try: "Thanks, the door wasn't locked."