What's it like to be 12 today? These preteens cover it all.

"I miss being able to get away with things."

What's it like to be 12 today? These preteens cover it all.

Things get weird when you're 12.

The world gets a bit bigger, your opinions become a bit more defined. And your body? Well, your body is an entire story on its own. So many changes!

WNYC has been busy capturing what the life of a 12-year-old sounds, looks, and feels like in today's society in a super-entertaining series called "Being 12."

Here's a fun look at some of the kids they met up with in New York City. (Excuse me — "mature kids.")

They talk about confidence...

...and pressure.

They talk about dating...

...or not.

They talk about fears...

...and annoying chores.

They talk about their dreams...

...that sometimes feature Beyoncé.

Umm yes. Can I come?

And so much more.

Kids are the best. They're our future!

They will become our teachers, bakers, pop stars, doctors, politicians — you name it. And in our super-connected and diverse world, it's going to be so fascinating to watch them grow.

Is this called the "I'm 12" shake?

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