What If The War On Drugs Isn't A War At All But An Excuse To Systematically Oppress Minorities?

I used to think the War on Drugs was a pretty good idea. I mean, most street drugs aren't great for you, and the people who traffic them aren't always the nicest, gentlest bunch (understatement of the century right there). This video reminded me that the War on Drugs is hardly what it sounds like. In fact, usually when we declare war on vague things or ideas, we're actually using that vagueness to declare war on people without anyone noticing. Turns out the so-called War on Drugs is no exception.But don't take my word for it. At 3:05, a super-smart lawyer breaks down what we really mean by "War on Drugs." At 3:50, an activist outlines a better way to think about drugs. At 5:15, one of my favorite artists talks about why the system isn't just bad, it's self-defeating. At 7:10, the lawyer comes back and asks one of the most important questions facing our society today. I think you'll agree with me about the right answer.