Westboro Baptist Church Vs. British Comedian. Guess How This One Ends.

A couple of members of the Westboro Baptist Church (of "God hates fags" and picketing soldiers' funerals fame) decided to stop by Russell Brand's late night show to try to spread their message. My usual policy is to try to ignore the WBC out of existence (it does thrive on attention, after all), but seeing as how Mr. Brand demonstrates exactly how to handle people like their members, I think it's fair to make an exception. NOTE: There be foul language ahead. Plug in your headphones if you're at work.

Westboro Baptist Church Vs. British Comedian. Guess How This One Ends.

This article originally appeared on 01.09.18

Why should a superintendent get a raise while teachers in the same district struggling to make ends meet see their paychecks flatline — year after year after year?

Teacher Deyshia Hargrave begged the question. Minutes later, she was handcuffed and placed in the backseat of a cop car.

The scene was captured below by YouTube user Chris Rosa, who attended a board meeting for Vermilion Parish Schools in Louisiana.

You can watch Hargrave begin speaking about 33 seconds in. The situation starts becoming contentious around 6:35 minutes. Hargrave is arrested at 8:35, and then walked outside in handcuffs and placed in the back of police vehicle. (Story continues below.)

"We work very hard with very little to maintain the salaries that we have," Hargrave, who teaches middle school language arts, said during a public comment portion of the meeting, stating that she's seen classroom sizes balloon during her time at the school with no increased compensation. "We're meeting those goals, while someone in that position of leadership [the superintendent] is getting raise? It's a sad, sad day to be a teacher in Vermilion Parish."

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