We Should All Get It, But Some Of Us Don't — Why I Have To Keep Showing This Wanda Sykes Video

It's short and to the point, and even a little cranky. But many of us have some friends who still say this. This is a public service announcement for them.

<span class="redactor-invisible-space"></span>

And because things that seem simple can be confusing for some, here's a handy flowchart for when it's OK to say "gay."

You'd probably never say this. I would never again say this, but I cringe remembering a time during my youth when I and others said it freely without thinking. It *did* take a little work to undo the habit when I finally realized how hurtful it is to others, but I'm glad I retrained myself. I know now that I won't have to worry about something offensive flying out of my mouth and having to feel awful about it when it dawns on me.

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