We Might Not Be Able To Terraform Other Planets. It's Possible We Won't Have To.

Every time I feel like giving up on the whole planet thing, news like this comes into my feed. It turns out, there are a lot of positive signs. The technology is getting better and cheaper. Emissions are down. Efficiency is up.

We fact-checked this thing, and in the few places where the numbers were wrong, it's only because they are even better than the infographic-making elves knew. For example, they say that 5.7 million people have jobs in renewable energy. That's old news — the number from 2012. For 2014, it's more like 6.5 million.

Well, I feel better now. I think I'm ready to go conquer my day. Or at least my recycling bin.

If you have friends who are bummed because we're all going to torch this big, beautiful planet and there's no point in trying, could you maybe share it with them? It might turn their frown upside down.

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