Watch This Elevator Video To The Very End. I’m Glad I Did.

Unlike the Ray Rice video — or the Jay-Z and Solange video, for that matter — this is the elevator video we should be paying attention to.

If you were expecting this to be more like the Ray Rice video, and by that I mean violent, then that's sort of the problem we're dealing with. The folks behind this campaign are a little more forward. They ask, "Why would we want to watch a woman be violated, humiliated, devalued, brutalized and abused?" It's a good question. Another question: Could you instead share a video with an alternative ending like this one? It's less shocking, but it has a better message.

Of course, this alternative ending is just the start. To support women who experience domestic violence, we could educate ourselves about why women stay. It also helps to know the warning signs of abuse.

via Cosmic Toro / Instagram

There is no playbook for how to deal with someone going on a racist rant in public. But the way server Gennica Cochran handled a bigot demeaning a table of Asian customers is something we can all applaud.

She was working as a server at a Camel Valley restaurant near San Francisco when Michael Lofthouse, CEO of tech firm Solid8, began harassing an Asian family celebrating a birthday.

Lofthouse had been belligerent all night, changing his seat and repeatedly sending back food.

After going on an expletive-laden racist rant at the family for singing "Happy Birthday," Jordan Chan, pulled out his cellphone, began recording Lofthouse, asking him to, "Say that again."

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