Watch The Spread of Walmart Across The Country In One Horrifying GIF

When big box stores (I’ll leave it to you to decide just WHICH big-box stores) come to town, they almost always shut down all the mom-and-pop stores in the area they open in. And it’s a pretty simple formula:1) Move in.2) Open doors with lower prices than anyone else.3) Get employees on welfare and Medicaid because you don’t want to pay well or provide medical insurance.4) Force smaller shops out of business.5) Raise prices, because now you’re the only game in town.6) Rinse, repeat 15 miles down the road.I’ve heard some say, “capitalism works this way, and great for the owners of [INSERT_BIG_BOX_STORE_HERE] that they’re able to do so well because at least they create jobs.” To them I say, “At what price?"


Note: This map only goes to 2006; it’s much worse now, believe it or not.