To Prove Humans Could Be Happier With Simpler Lives, She Came Up With An Elaborate Experiment

Hannah Engelkamp took a hike with a purpose: "My main ethical drive is really about looking hard at what we think we need, or deserve, or 'should' have. We obviously have to change the way resources are used and viewed, but I am convinced that human life should be all the richer for re-establishing that respect."Hear more of her words while checking out this recap of her journey.

To Prove Humans Could Be Happier With Simpler Lives, She Came Up With An Elaborate Experiment

You're dying to know more about the donkey, right? Hannah told me that "people were really excited to see a strong, healthy, working animal — it's so rare now. We walked through old fishing villages that had still been using donkeys to collect cockles up to only 30 years ago, and it was quite emotional for the people living there. Many of the paths we walked were old roads that would have had donkeys walking and working along them for 2,000 years."

Courtesy of Movemeant Foundation


Have you ever woken up one day and wondered if you were destined to do more in your life? Or worried you didn't take that shot at your dream?

FOX's new show "The Big Leap." is here to show you that all you need to take that second chance is the confidence to do so.

Watch as a group of diverse underdogs from all different walks of life try to change their lives by auditioning for a reality TV dance show, finding themselves on an emotional journey when suddenly thrust into the spotlight. And they're not letting the fact that they don't have the traditional dancer body type, age, or background hold them back.

Unfortunately, far too many people lack this kind of confidence. That's why FOX is partnering with the Movemeant Foundation, an organization whose whole mission is to teach women and girls that fitness and physical movement is essential to helping them develop self-confidence, resilience, and commitment with communities of like-minded girls.

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