This popular makeup artist released a video to protest how society labels women.

"We are more than the labels that the society we live in gives us."

Makeup artist Jordan Hanz is done being labeled by society.

After Amber Rose and Blac Chyna showed up at the MTV Video Music Awards wearing outfits emblazoned with words like "gold digger," "slut," "bitch," and "whore," as a way to push back on slut-shaming, Hanz was moved to lend her own talents to the cause.

All GIFs via Jordan Hanz.

In "Unattainable Woman," Hanz ditches the makeup tutorial format for something new.

The video looks at the impossible standards women are held to: If a woman is confident, she's a "bitch"; if she has anything less than an ideal body shape, she's "lazy"; if she enjoys sex, she's a "slut"; if she doesn't, she's a "prude" — and no matter what, she is "damaged."

In a world of sexism and double standards, it's impossible for women to win.

"If a woman shows confidence, defends herself, shows a differing opinion than what someone else may have, she's considered a bitch."

“If a woman is plus-sized or has even a larger body type, she's viewed as lazy."

"We are more than the labels that the society we live in gives us."

The world may label us damaged; it may tell us that we're never good enough. But we don't need to play by those rules, and we don't need to be made to believe that we're lesser simply for being ourselves.

"If we have emotional baggage, depression, anxiety, scars, we're nothing more than just damaged goods."

"These ideals are unattainable and impractical. How dare you tell me who to be and what is wrong or right?"

Watch the full video below.

Devon Pasternak/YouTube

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