No, it's my turn to talk now.

I listened to you.

And you told a very nice story about your truck.

Now it's your turn to listen to me.

What I have to say is interesting and important too.


Mmmm ... no, thank you.

I don't like body part nicknames.









I don't know where your shoe is.

It's yours.

Where did you put it?


You know what?

That's too close.

I need you off of my body.

I need space.



When you hit and call me names

I can tell that you're sad.

Are you sad?

It's OK to be sad, but it's not OK to hit and call me names.

I'm not going to be around you while you're hurting me.

Maybe you'd better go be alone for a little while.



Yep, those are my private body parts!

They are not for grabbing!

That makes me mad.


No, I'm not available for you right now.

Do you see me eating my lunch?

So I'm not available for you right now.

No, you can't eat my lunch. This is mine.

When I'm available I will come and get you.

Now go play.


Hey hey hey whoa,

did you see there is a person in line here?

OK, well,

you need to wait.

I know you're excited!

I can see that!

You still need to wait.

Just like everybody.


Yes, that is your penis!

I can see that your penis is just wonderful.

But it's also private.

You can do whatever you want with your penis

at home


in your bedroom,

but here in the parking lot

you need to put it away.

This piece originally appeared on katykatikate and is reprinted here with permission.


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