They Went Back To See What Global Warming Had Done And Couldn’t Even Tell Where They Were Standing

I love this short film about the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda. They’ve been known for thousands of years as “the mountains of the moon” and as the legendary source of the Nile River. What makes this such a great video is how fantastically weird the mountains are, with multiple ecosystems, and species that exist nowhere else. The filmmakers came to photograph retreating glaciers before it's too late. And with the refreshing degree of respect they bring to their Bokonzo porters, it all makes for a wonderful few minutes in a unique place that's being transformed by climate change.You’ll hear about the mountains’ legend at 0:44 and be introduced to some of its odd landscapes at 3:13. The filmmakers struggle with the mountain’s uncooperative weather before making a startling discovery at 7:25 about what’s happened there.

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